This site, which is very much work-in-progress, is devoted to discussions about gender equality. I believe that both males and females suffer from sexual discrimination, but they suffer it differently and for different reasons.

Most people would understand feminism to be a movement for gender-equality, but some gendered-inequalities are experienced by men and boys (MABs) and these inequalities are not, in general, being considered as feminist issues. As one example (of many), nobody could seriously argue that men’s mental health provision is regarded as a feminist issue, but why isn’t it? It’s certainly an issue where men have some particular disadvantages.

Men are more than three-quarters of UK suicides (the biggest single killer of British men under the age 35) and about 85 per cent of rough-sleepers. The UK has a National Mental Health Strategy for women but not for men. If the genders were reversed, would it be a feminist issue then?

One might reasonably expect a movement for gender-equality to find a place for men’s particular mental health needs sitting somewhere above complaints of “mansplaining”, for instance. That is not to say that individual feminists don’t care about mentally ill men committing suicide or sleeping rough  – of course most of them do. But it’s not considered a gendered disadvantage and therefore does not benefit from being considered an equalities issue.

I really do not want to see a parallel movement for MABs: that is bound to create conflict. There’s already ugly examples of Men’s Rights Activists spewing bile and hate across the “manosphere”. There needs to be one movement, and that movement is most obviously feminism.

I am offering this as a safe site for those who want an honest, constructive debate on fair ways for men and women to share power, privilege and responsibility in our society.


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